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The Philosophy: Simple and daily goods for a comfortable living

I’ve created FAROstore by the end of 2015 and since then i’m producing daily textile home goods that makes people feel comfortable. I love design and I love simple things and here in FAROstore I make the kind of things I would like to own and live with.

Working with natural fibers, with a sustainable process and always locally made, I create textile goods with a simple and functional design and also well made for a durable life.

I’m working on drawings, designs and patterns for daily common objects to make you feel tuned with them in the living, in the kitchen, in the garden…and also some stuff to carry on! Simple things that makes you smile and makes your day lively.



I’m part-time illustrator and part-time designer. I'm here doing what I like the most: observe around me, pick up stuff from nature (mostly shells and wood pieces) and get inspired from nature, to do beautiful home goods and prints. Visit siralobo.com to see my work as illustrator!


Illustrator & Designer

Currently based in Barcelona. Likes swim, long naps beside shells, and hang out with her underwater friends. Foodie enthusiast and visual addict. Trendsetter at #saltychronicle

Mrs. Sardine

Art Director