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Few months ago, we strated to plan a new model of aprons for those who works with their own hands and need lot of pockets to carry tools, brushes, scissors, phone, pencils and other stuff with them during the working day.


We’ve been encouraged by our customers, that asked us about pockets some many times before.

To do it properly, we designed a new apron, an apron to wear at work.
Resistant and durable, washable, made from cotton and of course with lots of pockets.

We choose 3 colors for cotton: black, natural cotton color and blue denim. Two colors for straps (white and blue) and we combine all of it with copper applications to adjust comfortable your apron.
We wanted only one size, to fit all shapes, so we designed long straps to adjust and a pattern that fits well from thin people to the tallest ones, stout, and any other shape.


You’ll find here some of the pictures of that process, when we’ve been decided about fabrics and colors, and still wondering how to match it better.
In a few days, we’ll do the official launching of that new model, but durung those days, pay a visit to our shop and have a look at the new black half apron and the natural cotton half apron we edited, due the success of the green garden apron.